Santa Maria
Santa Maria

Santa Maria, a sea-faring sight-seeing ship cruising the Osaka Bay, the Water Capital. The ship is a motif, built two times larger than and modeled after the ship on which Columbus journeyed to the American Continent. Enjoy the voyage to the fullest measure while viewing magnificent scenic spots of Osaka Bay.

Platform Kaiyukan Aquarium West wharf (Tempozan Harbor Village)
Sailing Times/Time Required
Day Cruise 45 minutes Sets sail from 11:00 ~ (every hour)
Night Cruise 90 minutes Sets sail from 19:00   Needs Reservation
(In operation Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holiday during 4/25 ~ 11/3, September and October, In operation everyday during 7/19 ~ 8/31.※Sets sail from 19:30)
Boarding Fares (Tax included)
Day Cruise Adult 1,600 yen Child    800 yen
Night Cruise Adult 2,650 yen Child 1,300 yen
*It is a charge from April 1, 2014.
*Cruise may be cancelled or landing platform or course altered as necessary for the sake of safety due to the weather or sea condition

Route Information

Santa Maria Route Information

Pier of Santa Maria
Platform Kaiyukan Aquarium west wharf

5 minutes walk from Osaka-ko Station on the Subway / On the sea side next to Tempozan Harbor Village Kaiyukan Aquarium